Match Making

The first step is to make sure we have all the right conditions to build a vertical landscape.

There are different factors to take into consideration like project location, exposure to elements, and lighting just to name a few.

Wall raising

We will then prepare shop drawings or a customized render of your living wall based on your needs and space.

Included in the drawings will be an outline of the scope of work being carried out by Symbiotik Walls and any other subcontractor.


Each living wall is designed to captivate, harmonize, and bring nature as the everyday rule

Our proprietary system is flexible and scalable and allows different shape designs, wrap around corners, and logo/signage integration. The options are endless.

Our expert designers work with you to select plant palettes that work best for your space and your location.


We first waterproof, build the framework and the irrigation system of the entire project. Our ecosystems are designed to minimize water consumption. They can be designed in open loop or recirculation system.


Our crew handles with special care the green habitat we are going to plant in order to guarantee an adequate acclimation. It's important to know how, where, and when to plant to minimize transplant shock and maximize acclimation.

Plant Species