About us

Our mission is to bring people closer to nature through art and design.

At Symbiotik, we put people first. Through a constant learning attitude, we
take on complete ownership of every project we create, and it shows in the
quality of our work. Our mission of creating environments where people
thrive is always our top value.

Every Symbiotik MossWall we produce is handcrafted in our studio in Miami by talented and creative people who share the love for nature. 

Living walls

Design. Build. Maintain.
Green walls allow us to incorporate the benefits of living green plants into a distinctive, yet functional custom design in an unexpected place
– your wall. They can be used on an exterior wall, or they can bring a hint of the outdoors inside, in a decorative, striking way.


Living Frames

Same as our Living Walls in a Smaller Scale

Moss Walls Installations

Made from Preserved Moss. From Vertical Mounting to Ceiling or Horizontal Installations Including the Creation of Custom Shapes and Sculptured Moss both Commercial & Residential.  

Framed Moss wall art AND decor

Our custom preserved moss art pieces look and feel alive with soft textures, projection, and vibrant colors.  Custom designed and handmade moss art, both Commercial & Residential.  

Signage and brand logos

Our Moss Logos are the perfect way to curate a luxurious and creative branded environment for your business. Our logos require no maintenance and are available in a variety of styles, and materials.



Shop our Maintenance-Free moss products, perfect for the Home or Office.

Why We Are Unique

We are experts in both natural living walls and maintenance free MossWalls, each having their own biophobic benefits and place in the interior design platform.

Living Walls and MossWalls are an impactful way to enhance and elevate any space.

We are all about Connecting people, places and plants


Your own habitat

Every Symbiotik MossWall we produce is handcrafted in our studio in Miami by talented and creative people who share the love for nature.


“Thank you for taking our vision and making it happen. Our office looks and feels incredible with our moss wall, what a difference to say the least! Many compliments from our employees and clients. ”

Crystal Morgan
Location: California
(MossWall Project)

“I absolutely love our moss wall art. Each piece is different, but they all complement each other. The moss is soft to touch and has so much texture and detail. You can see feathery fern and tiny seed sprouts. I am delighted these have made the perfect addition to my living room.”

Joanne Larson
Location: Denton, Texas
(Purchase: MossWall project)

“The moss Wall is gorgeous, and we are thrilled with it. We did a lot of research before buying them and this was the absolute correct choice. The customer service is amazingly responsive and personable as well.”

Desiree Patrice
Location: New York, NY
(Purchase:  MossWall project)

“IT’S GORGEOUS. I love it. The photo corresponds exactly to the picture, indeed, if possible even more beautiful. I advise those who want to have a vertical green corner in their home to buy it (or even in the office, as I did). Highly recommended!”

Elena Benzoni
Location: Bergamo, Italy
(Purchase:  Moss Wall art)

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