Cascade Of Flowers Circles | SW261

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Moss wall art. Moss Wall. Preserved moss Art. Living wall

Cascade of Flowers - One of a kind Circular Moss art

This piece is hand-made with preserved mosses and the finest preserved flowers. Can be hung on a wall, or used as a center piece for your space. We can also customize the flowers (colors & textures) to your individual preference.

SYMBIOTIK WALLS brings outdoor natural beauty to your indoor space.

Our one-of-a-kind indoor moss wall art embodies serenity, natural appeal, and elegance. We use moss to create moss wall decor: custom moss walls, custom wall decor and shapes, and other moss decor pieces. Using our naturally preserved large variety of Mosses we create sustainable, maintenance-free, long-lasting moss art pieces. Each piece we create is perfectly unique and created to fulfill your needs for tranquility, serenity, and love for nature.

*For indoor use only
*Maintenance free, no need for water, nutrients, or sunlight (indirect light is ok)
*There are many dimensions to choose in the drop down menu. You can also ask us for custom dimensions.
* We can customize this art moss piece.
*Our frames come in a variety of colors and stains such as: Natural, Walnut, Honey-Amber, Gray, Black, Brass, and White. We can also accommodate custom color requests.


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